Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing Chicagoland, IL

Energy loss can be a serious problem during the winter months, but preparing your home for the cold weather may not be at the top of your priority list. With kids back at school and the holidays just around the corner, families are usually too busy to focus on the insulation in their homes. In […]

For homes in Chicagoland, IL, with central heating and cooling systems, an efficient duct system is essential. Ductwork is responsible for delivering conditioned air throughout your home and returning stale air for re-conditioning. In the average American home, however, around 20 percent of the air that passes through ductwork is lost to leaks and loose […]

If you are dealing with high heating and cooling bills, dirty ducts could be contributing to the problem. Many people are unaware that regularly cleaning out the ducts in a heating and cooling system is an essential task. The two primary reasons to invest in duct cleaning services are energy savings and indoor air quality […]

If dust is getting you down, it’s time to investigate the problem and find a permanent solution. Dust cannot be eliminated completely, but it can be controlled, especially if you’re experiencing excessive accumulations that reappear in days. Indoor air quality experts at Energy Star have pinpointed several causes of dust buildup. Most of the causes […]

Air leaks in your home can add to the energy needed to heat or cool the structure, costing you more money over time. According to ENERGY STAR, a combination of supplemental insulation and efficient home sealing can lower your comfort costs by as much as one-tenth. Air duct sealing can make an even more dramatic […]

Finally, after a long winter, it is time to start getting ready for the warmer months ahead. Aside from having your air conditioner serviced, did you know that your air ducts play a major part in keeping the air in your Chicagoland, IL, home comfortable and safe for your family? This year when you schedule […]

Most heating and cooling systems in Chicagoland homes use a network of air ducts to distribute conditioned air to living spaces and to return stale air to the HVAC equipment for re-conditioning. Because the ductwork is hidden behind walls, under floor boards or above the ceiling, you may rarely give your air ducts a second […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Do You Really Need It?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Since dryer vents are out of sight, homeowners often overlook them while performing routine home maintenance. Doing so can prove to be a mistake. Proper vent cleaning is important not only from an energy-efficiency standpoint, but also for safety reasons. Why it’s Smart to Keep Dryer Vents Clean While no one wants to think about […]

Space heating accounts for more than 40 percent of the average home’s energy usage, so it makes sense to do everything that you can to lower your heating bills in winter. You may be surprised to learn, however, that winterizing your home also lets you save money on utility bills in the summer. In any […]

The Cause behind Hot and Cold Spots

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As you walk around your house, do you notice that some rooms or certain places feel cold still? Do you have those cold rooms blocked off? Do you feel like you have to constantly adjust the thermostat, add layers of clothing, or use a space heater to stay warm in certain rooms in your home? […]