What Is the Aeroseal Sealant?

At Aeroseal Solutions, we pride ourselves in provide the best possible sealing and cleaning services to our customers, helping you enjoy cleaner and more efficient use of your HVAC systems. When it comes to sealing your air ducts, we use the award-winning Aeroseal sealant, which is effective and efficient at sealing ducts.

An Award-Winning Duct Sealing Product

Aeroseal sealant uses proven technology to seal ducts and improve the quality of life of our customers. The sealant was developed in the 1990s, and since that time it has won two distinct awards from the Department of Energy. The first award was for the science and technology behind the sealant, and the second was for the benefit customers received through money savings and quality of life. The Department of Energy has given its seal of approval to a produce we already knew was excellent, and the Aeroseal Solutions team couldn’t be more proud.

How Aeroseal Works

Aeroseal uses small particles that are injected into a sealed duct system, where they collect on the edges of holes and cracks until the ducts are completely air tight. Using a computer to monitor the air pressure in the ducts, the sealant quickly finds, targets, and seals the problem areas in all parts of your ductwork—even those you cannot see or reach. It takes only a couple of ounces of the effective sealant material to thoroughly seal your ducts and prevent leakage.

Because Aeroseal is injected directly into the ductwork, it requires no access to the attic or visual inspection of the ducts to seal your system. All of the analysis is handled via a sophisticated computer system, so your home is not disrupted while you enjoy the sealing provided by our system.

At Aeroseal Solutions, we believe our product is the best on the market, and we are proud to offer it to our customers. If you are looking to seal your ducts to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, give us a call.

Superior Duct Sealing in Chicago with Aeroseal Solutions

Aeroseal Solutions is a NADCA certified company, a distinction we hold with pride. This certification means our team is specifically trained in inspecting, maintaining, and restoring HVAC systems and ductwork. We bring excellent knowledge and many years of experience to your Chicago home. Combine this with our superior Aeroseal duct sealing products and you have the logical choice for duct sealing in Chicago.

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